To all Premier X Secretaries

The Newport & District Football League Criteria for entry into the Gwent County Football League is as follows:-

1.              The Premier X league winners will have the first opportunity to enter the Gwent County League.

2.              The Premier X league runners-up will have an opportunity, if the Premier X winners refuse entry, or can not meet the Gwent County Criteria.

3.              Each Club must indicate their interest / non-interest, by 31st December each season



 The following ground criteria will apply to all clubs in the League. Clubs MUST have this criteria which will also apply to new clubs entering the League.

 1.           All matches are to be played on private grounds or on grounds deemed suitable by the League Management Committee. If another pitch/pitches are in close proximity the pitch being used for matches in the League must be fully enclosed. The boundary enclosure shall be of a solid structure with a minimum height of 4'6" and capable of preventing unauthorised access.

 2.           All Clubs shall have the playing area of their ground permanently enclosed by a solid barrier during the playing season. Rope or wire is NOT acceptable. In certain circumstances (where cricket or other sport is played in the summer months) where it is not possible to erect a permanent barrier, it may be allowed to have one side of the ground enclosed by close mesh security type fencing fixed into the ground.

The shortest distance between the touch line and pitch perimeter barriers should not be less than 1.83 metres.

 3.           Clubs must provide two covered dug outs adjacent to the playing area. They must be capable of accommodating a minimum of Eight seated persons, and the floor must have a solid foundation (concrete, tarmac, or paved slabs). A technical area for both clubs must be clearly marked out in front of both dug outs, which must not extend more than 2 metres either side of the dug outs. Only substitutes, manager, coaches and medical staff are allowed to be in the dugout, only ONE person is allowed to stand in the Technical Area at any one time.

 4.           The minimum size of the pitch is 105 x 60 yards, or metric equivalent. Goal posts and goal net supports must be of professional manufacture and meet the requirements of the Laws of the Game. They must be identical.

 Clubs must keep their ground in a proper playing condition and maintain a good playing surface.

 5.           Goal nets and regular height corner flags to must be used at all times. The pitch markings to be easily distinguishable by match officials and players, under normal circumstances they should be white in colour.

 6.           All clubs to provide adequate dressing room accommodation within reasonable proximity of the playing area, which must be separate for both teams. The dressing rooms for both teams must be heated, well ventilated, free of damp and secure, and capable of accommodating a minimum of 16 persons.

7.           Clubs must have toilet facilities of at least one W/C and one hand basin with hot and cold running water and a minimum of one urinal with in the vicinity of each dressing room.

 8.           A separate shower area must be provided for each team with a minimum of four shower heads in each area.

 9.           A separate area must be provided for the exclusive use of match officials. The area must be capable of accommodating a minimum of three persons. The area must contain a shower, WC and a washbasin with hot and cold running water.

 10.         All clubs must have first aid equipment, which must include a stretcher. The location of which must be clearly marked in all dressing rooms.

 11.         The Home club must produce a match programme (not single sheets) to include the names of all players of both teams, together with match official/s. The visiting club MUST send to the home club, details of player's names in the team squad they plan to field. This information must be received by the home club at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date of the match. The home club are required to forward to the League Secretary a copy of the Match Day Programme within Four days of the date of the fixture. These Match Day Programmes MUST be available on the home clubs ground on match days, of which a copy MUST be given to the Referee, prior to kick off.

 12.         All the facilities shall be approved by the League Management Committee and must not be allowed to deteriorate below the standard required by the League.

 13.         All new clubs seeking membership through the pyramid system must have this criteria in place by 30th April each year, on the same ground they have been playing on during the current season.

 14.         Permission to play at other venue other than the clubs existing ground will not be allowed, unless granted by the League Secretary.

Please indicate your Clubs intension by Post, E-mails and Telephones calls will be accepted.